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St Johns is the Canada's oldest city located on the Avalon Peninsula's eastern border. St John is well known across the world for its historical fishing industry. With changing times St Johns is now a flourishing urban area doing economic growth with fishing, gas and oil industries. From tourists point of view there are also many monuments and museums which have historical importance. St Johns has exquisite seashore where you can mark whales, dolphins and puffins.

St Johns International Airport provides its services to people traveling in and out of St John. If you are planning to go to this lovely place and want to have cheap flights to St John it requires a bit of planning and preparation. The easiest mode from where you can have all the information regarding cheap flights to St John is internet. You can even book your tickets sitting at home through the internet. Before making any ticket bookings you must look in for various routes and flights available to St John. Then compare the prices of the air fares being charged by different airlines.

 Then you can decide as to which one to book and fits your budget and requirements. Even though you get a very good deal online don?t get overwhelmed by the results. Always cross check the deal you got online with the airline companies and then only book it. You can get the best deals at times of off season when fewer people are traveling. This makes planning important as this allows you to have sufficient time to search and decide on to which deal suits you the best to have cheap flights to St John. When you are all set to book your tickets, make sure that the price is right, confirm for any hidden fees and perhaps use credit card for making payments.


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